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Paver Sealing and Coating

affordable paver sealing and coating services

We apply sealant to our paving and decks that we have installed, however this service is available to those who already have their paving and pool decks installed. We apply sealant to your paving to the benefit of your paving. Sealant is a maintenance service that is used and applied to your paving to keep your paving in a good condition. This helps to keep your paving in an appealing form and keep protects it from minor things such as moisture damage and build-up. Sealant can keep your driveway looking like the first day it was completed.

Should Paving be sealed?

Definitely, there is no two way about it, there are many different sealants available. With these sealants, we help you keep your paving in a good condition for longer. Sealant protects your paving and the materials used to have your paving applied. The sealant is one of the tools used when a maintenance service has been ordered and you are curious what exactly we are applying to your paving. With regular sealant being applied to your paving, it keeps it looking great and protects it from any external components.

How often should I have my paving sealed?

As sealant is one of the powerful tools and techniques to keep your paving looking good for longer, luckily the upkeep of applying sealant to your paving isn’t high at all. You can apply a good grade of sealant to your paving every 3 years. Every three years you can have your sealant applied to your paving, if you are uncertain whether you need a sealant applied, you can always schedule one of our consultations and have one of our professionals inform you if it is time for the sealant to be applied to your paving again.

Can my paving be painted?

Your paving can be painted, if you aren’t happy with how your paving looks naturally there are plenty of other paints that can be applied to your paving. You can choose from an array of colors that appeal to you and your home or business. While painting your paving may be one form of a sealant applicant, it can protect your paving, but it is still important to have a sealant applied to your paving regardless if there is a coating applied to your paving or not. If you want to know more about the painting service and coating for your paving, you can speak to one of our representatives and we will gladly assist you.

What kind of paint do you use on paving?

Cement paint is generally used to be applied to your paving, we will ensure the correct paint is used for your specific material you have for your driveway. We then assess your current driveway and ensure that the correct paint and color are selected based on what your request was. We then paint and apply the coating with a sealant to your paving to ensure extra protection for your paving.

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