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Grass Driveways

affordable grass driveways services

Grass driveways look really lush and beautifully, especially when you are pulling into your beautiful home and your grass driveway looks gorgeous and green. Grass driveways have phased out, but today you can find modern and new contemporary styled grass driveways that can be applied to your home. We love grass driveways and getting them done and prepared for our clients. There is an art that goes into applying your grass driveway and we love to be a part of it. We have a team of great specialists who gets the job done right every time.

Grass Driveway Maintenance

While like your typical concrete driveways, grass driveways do not require as much upkeep as concrete or asphalt driveways. Besides needing to get your lawn cut, it is still important to carry out lawn inspection and just make sure that there’s no erosion of any sort around your grass driveway. Grass driveways are our favorite as there are no strict maintenance solutions, just take care of your grass and let it grow naturally, and enjoy it. We love these low maintenance grass driveways as it saves our clients heaps of money in their lifetime whether it is a business or household driveway.

Grass Crete driveways

Grass and concrete combined to create a beautiful design that matches your contemporary design for your business or household. Many people have come into the new concrete and grass design for their driveways or even for their lawns. It looks great and the two do complement each other. The placement of the concrete is not at all harmful to your lawn and cannot kill the lawn around the concrete. We do our best to produce the results that our clients want and the look they wish to achieve. We ensure we give our clients exactly what they want.

Does concrete sealer kills grass?

No it will not kill your grass when applied to your concrete around your lawn. This is often misjudged and misunderstood, no the concrete sealant does not have the ability to kill of the grass around your cement. If you want to know more about the upkeep of a grass and concrete driveway or law, you can speak to one of our professionals who are always willing to answer your questions and your queries regarding maintenance and what is to be done with your concrete blocks in your grass driveway.

Can I have my driveway stoned over grass?

There is a perfectly curated formula to getting the service done. We will complete the entire process for you, with the help of our professional and hardworking team. We will clear out the area you wish to apply the stones to and have all obstructions removed. Once we have removed the grass and prepared the area for laying the stones, we will then lay the stones in the design as requested. Once we have completed we will provide you with relevant information about maintenance and upkeep of your new driveway.

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