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Driveway Resurfacing

affordable driveway resurfacing services

Driveway resurfacing is done by our professional specialists who have managed to perfect the art of applying driveway resurfacing. A new layer is applied over the old cracked driveway, by doing this you apply another layer onto your driveway. The below layer does not affect the new resurfacing layer being applied to your driveway, it is possible to have the old driveway lifted and have a new driveway installed, but this is one of the precautionary methods instead of replacement.

Does Driveway Resurfacing last?

Of course, driveway resurfacing lasts, with our top of the range products and services, hand in hand we provide a stellar combination. Our combination of quality application and product allows our driveway resurfacing service to last our clients a long time. It can last you anywhere between 8-15 years. This is a long time if you think about it, while this may be the case; we still motivate our clients to have their paving assessed to keep an eye on any cracks or damages that could result.

Can you resurface concrete driveway

Yes, it is possible resurface your concrete driveway, this is dependent on the amount of damage to your driveway and how bad the damage to your driveway is. If a small part of your driveway needs to be resurfaced and not the entire strip. You can identify key factors when looking at your driveway, if you notice large and deep cracks; this is a sign that we cannot resurface your driveway. We will complete an assessment to ensure that we get the proper service done for your specific driveway. If you have any questions about your concrete driveway, contact us for more information. We will answer any of your questions regarding your concrete driveway and resurfacing.

When should I resurface my driveway?

There are clear signs that let you know when it is time to have your driveway resurfaced. The foundation is still in good condition and isn’t breaking into pieces or lifting. The asphalt you have installed is under the 20 year group. We offer our resurfacing service when only a small portion of your driveway needs to be resurfaced and not the entire driveway. The cracks that are visible in your driveway aren’t too harsh and can still for resurfacing to be applied to your driveway.

Can you apply concrete over old concrete?

This is possible; we can apply a new layer of concrete over your old layer that may have cracks and damages. Depending on the amount of damage and loose rubble, it may change the outcome of the service. However, it is possible to apply a new layer of concrete onto your existing driveway. This is one of the driveway improvement services we can help our clients with. We are always finding ways in which we can help our clients and finding solutions to our client’s problems.

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